The Cirro-Numinous Collective was formed on the east side of Portland, Oregon in late 2019, by Eva Bertoglio and Natalie Jane Edson. After eight years of friendship and creative partnership, we’ve converged into a shared perspective on poetry and its future that we want to share with the world.

We are interested in a poetics of relation, relation to the unknown, relation to the self, relation to form. Like a cirrocumulus cloud we write towards the opaque and the transparent, the dense and the light. Like the sky our poetics are numinous, of the material and the heavenly, both blue and the light that is not truly blue.

When you begin to think of poetry in this relational way, you begin to see it as a conduit for phenomena and new understandings that transcend the realm of the purely intellectual. To take it further—poetry is not only a conduit, but a tool for accessing the hidden unconscious. This is a poetics that centers process and the journey.

This unifying theory serves as an umbrella under which we can explore our differing but complementary interests. We’re asking “what is at the intersection of paintings and geometries, rituals and algorithms, the fantastic and the mundane?” and finding the beginning of an answer—a reverence for the cyclical practices of observation and synthesis.