THE MASK is the first in an ongoing series of lectures/salons investigating the components of craft, embodiment, and perception. During each event, we’ll take a different lens to the question “how do these interrelated undertakings interact with a holistic creative practice?”

Masks aren’t just tools of performance—they can also be an important ritual artifact. When we introduce an obstructing layer between ourselves and the world, we further our own power to move beyond a limiting view of the self. We’ll explore the topic deeply over the course of an hour and a half through a combination of lecture, discussion, and generative writing.

The event will be happening over zoom on Saturday May 29th at 3 PM PST, and you can sign up here.


Expectation, tension, and catharsis—these are states of being that horror films excel in representing. In this class taught by Eva, we will examine horror films and their associated imagery to discuss and write through our fears, nightmares, and hidden desires. Designed for poets but suttable for all writers and horror-buffs, this class is for those who want to identify and battle tthe monsters under their beds.


This recurring workshop, taught jointly by both Natalie and Eva, is about discovering what you can learn from randomness. The instructors will guide you through activities, both material and digitally-facilitated, that aim to disrupt your creative process through a variety of techniques. Throughout the class, you will have the opportunity to both generate new work and re-envision poetry in process. Students will take home a workbook with an overview of the class activities, links to online resources, and space for their new creations.